Our Story

WorkMatters was founded to provide a different solution in helping organisations deliver their people, leadershipand performance goals in today’s rapidly changing work environment. Our mission is simply to help leaders, organizations and employees to thrive in the changing world of work.

Why we do what we do

Work Matters. And it is changing. How we lead the next phase of organisation development, people strategy and working life will determine not just the success of our organisations but also the quality and nature of work for generations to come. Our goal is to help leaders and their employees successfully manage their transition to the future of work and to lead successful and fulfilling working lives.

How we do what we do

We act as independent, trusted advisers, talent developers and coaches to our clients. Working with a multidisciplinary and international team of specialists and partners, we help you to shape the future of work and to maximize the performance potential of your people and leaders.

Why WorkMatters

CEO & Founder

Kevin Empey

Our goal is to leave every engagement with leaders and their employees more energised, enabled and equipped to progress their own objectives as well as those of the organization.

Our consulting and training approach is therefore built on four guiding principles:

Client specific and service led
Trusted and independent, a genuinepartnership approach
Maximum knowledge transfer and enablement
Providing short term impact but with the future in mind

We work with our local and international partners to provide our clients with the innovative and practical solutions and services they need to succeed in an increasingly complex and fast-moving business environment.

Our partners include a network of national and international leaders in their fields from areas such as future of work consulting, design and innovation, leadership development, organizational and HR agility, executive coaching, HR strategy and culture transformation.

“All our partners share a common mission which is to enable leaders, organisations and employees thrive in the changing world of work.”

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