“On-Demand” Future of Work Consultancy & Support

In order to help organisations deal better with their specific challenges in shaping the changing world of work, WorkMatters are providing a unique service to our clients where they can access the expertise when, how and where it is needed.

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The Key Benefits of this include:

    • Immediate on-demand access to senior level HR and organisational consulting and training support as needed in a fast-moving HR team environment.

    • Flexible, versatile, and accessible consulting and training support resource for client teams and leaders.


    • All WorkMatters associates are seasoned local and international experts with extensive experience in a range of ‘future of work’ topics and specialisms.


    • The unique WorkMatters ‘membership’ model places a strong emphasis on client team enablement, knowledge transfer and cultivating and facilitating client to client peer learning.


    • Our WorkMatters “HR squared” approach is based on optimising the collective impact of internal, peer to peer client and WorkMatters associate’s expertise and experience.


For further information or to discuss how this would work best for your organisation, please get in touch on info@workmatters.ie