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Thriving in the Future of Work

What can you do to create a thriving working life for yourself and your organization? How can you shape your Future of Work against the backdrop of current and future workplace trends such as emerging technologies, uncertainty, and seemingly constant change?

THRIVE IN THE FUTURE OF WORK provides a journey through the practical realities, implications and solutions forthe rapidly changing world of work we live in today. It is not trying to be the remedy for future of work success. It is a practical reflection on what we know so far from those who have been there - and an invitation for you to explore whatyourpath will be towards future of work readiness and fulfilment.


The book is presented in four parts across eight chapters. Each chapter provides a mix of facts, research, case studies, tools and prompts to help the reader address the question of what can they do in practical terms to help future-proof themselves and their organisations in the changing world of work.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

“The Changing World of Work and the Agility Challenge” examines the shifts and trends apparent in the world of work and how they have intensified in recent years. We explore what the Future of Work means in practical terms and how can it be broken down at individual and organisational level. The case for Agility as a core capability for future of work readiness is discussed and we explore the challenges and benefits of Agility and how it can be managed.

“Future-Fit and Future-Ready” focuses on Future of Work readiness and Agility at the individual level. We look at the elements and the benefits of an agile mindset - and skillset - and how these can help to proactively manage uncertainty and change with purpose and confidence. The research-based elements of a personal agility are explored to demonstrate how individuals can – and already are – successfully navigating the challenges and opportunities presented by the changing world of work.

“The Future Ready Organisation” explores the practical realities and implications of the Future of Work at the wider organisational level. We discuss the emergence of a New Employment Deal, as well its implications, challenges and opportunities for leaders, employees and for HR. We look at the future role of the leader and of HR in shaping the new world of work.

“Policy and Societal Considerations” touches on current thinking in terms of wider policy and societal choices concerning how we approach the Future of Work. The book concludes with the overall case that all stakeholders need to be more proactive and deliberate about shaping the new world of work and a productive society where no one is left behind.

Thriving in the Future of Work is not trying to be the remedy for future of work success – it is a practicalreflectionon what we know so far and an invitation to explorewhat will be your path to shaping the future of work for you and your organisation.

About The Author

Kevin Empey is Founder and Managing Director of WorkMatters Consulting and has specialised in organization development, leadership, and people strategy for over 25 years.With a background in technology and business development, he has built an international career in people and leadership development working across a wide range of organizations, sectors, and geographies. Kevin has also won several national and international awards for his work in the areas of social entrepreneurship and ‘Future of Work’ research.

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